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Visual Concepting

A new business starts with creating your foundation, your strategy, your brand story and determining your ideal customer. Then you develop the branding. Last but not least the marketing of your concept, think of website/webshop, marketing, social media, photography, corporate film and printing. I develop and create the entire concept, the overall look and feel and I take care of the branding in detail.

from creation to developing

I have experience in starting new companies and businesses to turn into a new highly distinctive visual concept with a clear vision, marketing strategy focus and appearance.

The development and execution of the concept is done by in-house communication strategists, graphic designers and branding specialists on the one hand and by working together with partners (online marketers, developers, copywriters, photo & videographers etc.) on the other hand. I also have an extensive network to meet every wish of the customer.

  • Strategy
  • Branding : Logo & full brand identity
  • Website/Webshop design + development
  • Social media branding
  • Brand Story
  • Photography + Styling
  • Promo videos
  • Print
  • Campagnes + Online Marketing


Developing a visual strategy? Have a logo for your company or brand designed? Are you looking for a design agency that can develop a brand in an innovative way and implement it in detail? I am known for a strong, stylish design with a feminine touch, which is distinctive and where the entire line is extended to the website/webshop & photography.

feminine touch

I believe in customization, where we meet your needs and strive for stylish distinctive results with a feminine touch. I always start with your brand proposition and personal story, then I will design your brand identity and develop the full brand in detail. The new look will also be implemented on your new website combined with brand photography. A website that closely matches your brand identity and story, but also satisfies and all technical functions.

logo design

  • Brand moodboard & color palette
  • Logo creation & design
  • Brand styling – (including an alternative logo, businesscard design, brandmark and stationary design)
  • Patterns
  • Fonts

– social media & strategy –

Did you know that your sales are lost due to a lack of a strong branding and a good marketing strategy? Are you unable to put your company as a brand? Is your social media still a mess? Can’t you grow on social media? Would you like to learn tools how to create branded content yourself?

social media offers

• Creating content
– Photography at location & editing pictures
– Visual content
• Posting content
– instagram and/or facebook
– write on-trend and catchy captions to trigger audience into taking action
• Managing social media
• Help effectively grow your instagram page (which helps increasing your potential costumers in the future)