Frequently asked questions

Here the answers to my frequently asked questions.
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What is the price of a logo design?
Good question! Difficult answer. Because the needs of every customer are often very different, I do not use packages or standard prices. It depends on how much time I spend in the concept and sketch phase and how big the organization is.

Do I get the rights to my logo?
Yes. Although I would be deeply unhappy if you did aesthetically irresponsible things with it: it’s your logo. Once you’ve paid the bill, I’ll fully transfer the rights to the logo to you.

How many revision are possible?
I don’t work with revision numbers in designing a logo. Because it is scary enough for most clients to have a new logo developed, it is important to be sure that you are happy with your new logo. So you don’t run any risks. And we always work it out, I’m the customer whisperer.

Which files do I get?
For digital use you get JPG, PNG (with a transparent background) and possibly SVG files. For printing you get the original files I made in Adobe Illustrator / Indesign. These files are independent of resolution. They can be used for all types of printed matter, from use on business cards to the lettering of a city bus.

What does a corporate identity cost? 
Difficult to indicate: it depends on the number of expressions required. I would like to make a tailor-made offer!

Revision rounds
Unlike a logo design, I do use a revision round for the design of a corporate identity. Do you want that differently? Fine, then we’ll make different arrangements in writing about that.

I deliver print-ready PDFs, not the source files (see explanation for frequently asked questions in the graphic design category).


Do I have to provide the text/content myself?
Yes! Please make sure that the provided text/content is in correct language, has a good sentence structure and contains no spelling errors. I use the supplied text/content on a 1 to 1 basis. Replacing content at a later stage involves extra effort and, of course, costs. I am a designer. This is how I prefer to receive your content.

How do I submit photos?

Send individual photos by email or WeTransfer (a free service that allows you to send files easily and quickly without registration).
If you have high resolution photos, I prefer to receive them. Reducing the size is never a problem, but increasing the size is.

Do not submit photos via Facebook, WhatsApp or other services: your files will usually be reduced in size in order to be able to send them. This does not make the result any better, unfortunately.
Do not submit photos in a Word file. Word reduces your photos. It is also more work for me to retrieve the photos from the Word file and save them separately. It is useful as a reference for me to see which photo belongs to which piece of text, of course.
Don’t save a JPG more often than really necessary. Each time you click on ‘save’, the file is further reduced in size.

Can you also take photos or search for them?
If you don’t have suitable photos for your brochure or other communication yet, I can take care of that. I also make product photos and photos for specific matters. I can also use so-called stock photos. These can be downloaded for a fee. The price for the download will be added to the invoice.

How does it work with a printing company?
Do you work with a printing company yourself? Fine! I work for many clients with a printing or copy shop in their neighbourhood.
If you don’t have any contacts in the printing world yet, that’s no problem at all. I have an extensive network of suppliers. I work with printing companies in different price ranges, including internet printshops. In addition, I have contact with printing companies who only print sustainably on recycled paper.

Can I change things in the design myself?
Unfortunately not. I’ll make a print-ready PDF. Before the document is final, I can, of course, make changes for you. And the same goes for the next version of the document.

Will I also get the source file?
Unfortunately not. I create the files in Adobe InDesign. From there I create a print-ready PDF, which is the file I make available. I can’t share the source file with you, because in most cases this will cause problems with the license for used fonts and photos. In addition, the source file is also something that belongs to me as the creative designer, just like the construction drawings for an architect, and cook’s recipe.


I need help with the concept, is that possible?
Do you only have a rough idea in your head, but don’t know how to convert these ideas to a specific design? No problem! We’ll sit down to structure your ideas. Even wild ideas, scribbled on the back of a beer mat, are very welcome. I am happy to make something viable, appealing and/or presentable out of it.

For which styles of design can I contact you?
Take a look at my website for the work I’ve already done. I also like to be challenged and step outside my comfort zone. I put myself in the shoes of my client and always listen carefully to what is being said. From that information my creativity starts to flow. This allows me to handle many styles.

Is the infographic usable in my PowerPoint?
Sure. Many infographics have a long format. For use in your PowerPoint or blog post, I can ‘chop up’ the infographic. I then save the different parts as PNG or JPG, so you can use them separately. With visuals or management models, for example, this has always been possible. I’ll send you a JPG or PNG if you like.


What does a website cost?
What does a car cost? Stupid question of course, but it’s hard to say how much money you have to spend on a website design. Because so many different websites can be created with, for example, much or little functionality, custom designed or with an existing design, it is impossible to say so. If you can indicate what you have in mind, and what functionalities you are looking for, I’ll make you a tailor-made offer.

Can I change things on the website myself?
Yes. I make websites in WordPress. It works with a Word-like editor. With some text and explanation, and possibly a video instruction, you’re sure to get there. CMS stands for Content Management System. This means that you can post content (i.e. text and photos) without any prior technical knowledge. You also don’t have to do anything about the layout of paragraphs on the website, for example. This is arranged in the template itself and ensures that your website looks consistent.

Can I outsource the content management?
Yes. I post messages for several clients on their website. So if you don’t feel like it or don’t have time to do it yourself: no problem. I even search for specific images in blog posts (or something else) for clients.

How does it work with the maintenance of the website?
Every website needs to be maintained, and with the enormous amount of hackers, that is becoming even more important. A maintenance agreement is therefore always part of my quotation. You are not obliged to do so, but for 350 euros a year (excluding VAT) you still have a lot less to worry about. I make sure that WordPress stays up-to-date, update your template/theme, and all expansions. And that’s a lot of updates on a yearly basis! Most hackers want to send spam via your website. And that makes every website interesting.


What can I have designed?
Whatever you wish for in the field of professional and affordable (web) design and graphic design, photography or videos. Not sure if I can help you? Please contact me.

How long do I have to wait for my product/design?
As soon as you order a product/design, we make clear agreements about the delivery time. This always depends on your wishes and the nature of the order. Just like you, we like smooth deliveries. But never at the expense of quality. This is of paramount importance to me. If we agree that you yourself will supply (text) documents and photos, the delivery time is calculated from the receipt of these documents or from the moment you agree to our offer and have provided us with the information needed.

I am in need of a quick design, is that possible?
Yes! Please note that higher costs are involved, because I have to put other assignments on hold. There is also less time for mutual coordination in case of a rush order.

I want to cancel an order, can I?
Yes. I will charge you for the hours that I have spent on the assignment up to that point. If the order is already completed by that time, you pay the price we both agreed upon.

Is your question not listed, or do you want a tailor-made offer? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.